Rise Up Rankings, LLC - SCAM - Stole 3,500 dollars

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3,500 dollar deposit stolen from me by Jimmy Smith, Rise Up Rankings, LLC out of Atlanta Georgia. Nothing to show 4 months later and haven't heard from Jimmy Smith or Rise Up Rankings in well over a 6 weeks.

I engaged in a contract dated 4/1/2013 for the design of a website. The contract was outlined to take 1/3 deposit to get started, another 1/3, and another 1/3. I paid 3,500 dollars for the initial deposit for Jimmy Smith to get started on my redesign.

I provided Jimmy Smith or (Rise Up Rankings, LLC) a website I had already built as as the primary guidance for the project. I was simply looking for a better user experience and added a few modules. 13,000 dollars seemed more than enough for Jimmy Smith to be satisfied.

Not one aspect of the project was delivered on time or even completed for me to view. Jimmy Smith got so frustrated since I didn't like the 1 (only) design he created that he forced me to go out and find my own template to use. Once I asked him to modify the template Jimmy Smith became frustrated with me and said, "I need to quit changing my mind". I've been in the business for over 10 years and never heard that reply from a designer or company. I was disgusted at the fact Jimmy Smith or Rise Up Rankings, LLC could not work with a client to obtain the feedback he was looking for.

I then filed a complaint on bbb.org and what do you know. Jimmy Smith (Rise Up Rankings, LLC) comes out of the closet.

I was actually amazed I got any kind of response. Instead I received regular responses. Asking if he could continue the project. I found some humor in a company going MIA for 6 weeks and coming back only because I filed a complaint with bbb.org.

I told him that I had already hired another company and was happy with the progress. He then began to threaten me suggesting me he was going to continue billing me that I did not send the documentation (sent via us mail) to terminate the contract properly. What a guy.

I am spending this time to write to help prevent others from getting scammed by Rise Up Rankings, LLC.

Review about: Website.



contracted him out at 40hrs to start just to see how he would perform etc… My client agreed to only 40hrs then extensions if all went as planned.But this clown played us and said that they extended him and things were going great, so he puts in for 120 hrs and claims they approved it.

I couldn’t reach my client to confirm because they were out of the country for 2 weeks and this *** needed to get paid. As far as I knew, things were great as he said they were. Long story short we mail him a check for 11,500… My client gets back and tells me Jimmy hadn’t done a thing. He said the first week he seemed to perform well then zero.

I was able to stop payment in time and never heard from the *** again, he knew we caught him, plus the email I sent him wasn’t very friendly – my Italian side was at its peak to say the least.

My only real loss was my recruiter’s time spent hunting for him and the BS time spent screening on the phone, conf calls etc...He was a great bullshitter.

Austin, Texas, United States #829247

www.rurwebsolutions.com is a scam.Jimmy Smith is a crook.

Jimmy Smith now operates under a different company name. Rur Web Solutions.

His contact information is below.

Jimmy Smith

Phone: 404-939-1843

Fax: 877-308-1642

Email: jimmy@rurwebsolutions.com



please share what all he stole from you. I've posted on 3 forums and heard comments back from 2 others already.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #719588

He did the exact same this to me!!! I am filing a lawsuit.

to Jim Austin, Texas, United States #719606

I am doing the same. Email me a-g-allo3-3@g-m-ail.com

Remove the dashes.

to Jim Austin, Texas, United States #829322

If you are please contact me.I know of 2 others that were also scammed.

May email me at (a ga l l o3 3@gmail.com) He now operates under a different company name.

Rur Web Solutions

Jimmy Smith

Phone: 404-939-1843

Fax: 877-308-1642

Email: jimmy@rurwebsolutions.com http://www.rurwebsolutions.com/


It's been 4 weeks have not received a refund from Jimmy Smith, Rise Up Rankings, LLC.

Austin, Texas, United States #706564

You can also see 4 total complaints for Jimmy Smith Rise Up Rankings, LLC illegitimate business on BBB.org


Austin, Texas, United States #706562

for more updates of Jimmy Smith Rise Up Rankings. Other people are getting scammed for thousands by Jimmy Smith.


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